Friday, May, 27, 2022 05:45:19

Microsoft to invest $1 billion in cloud center projects across Poland

Microsoft, the renowned global technology company, has reportedly announced its plan to invest $1 billion across cloud projects in Poland, a move that comes under its plan that involves opening a new data center in the nation. This data center would deliver cloud services to private companies and government institutes.

The company stated that it made a new contract with National Cloud (Chmura Krajowa), a domestic cloud provider, to deliver cloud services in the country as the nation seeks to establish itself as Eastern Europe’s regional center for technology.

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland, stated that the latest investment from Microsoft in the country would be of great importance to companies, education systems, and public institutions. This new investment would allow these enterprises to go through a digital transformation and adopt new work standards.

Chmura Krajowa was established back in 2018 by the largest bank of Poland, PKO Bank Polski, as well as the PFR (Polish Development Fund) with the goal of accelerating the digitalization of public administration and businesses, as per the website.

The new partnership of Chmura Krajowa with Microsoft would span over a period of seven years and would involve training people across Poland about cloud-based technology.

Executive Vice President and President of Microsoft Global Sales, Operations and Marketing, Jean-Phillippe Courtois, stated that this investment would offer strong support towards the success of the  country’s talent pool of developers and beyond. This would create crucial learning and skilling opportunities for about 150,000 employees, students, and partners. The company’s mission is to strengthen Poland’s people and companies to achieve more, added Courtois.

Microsoft’s skill development program would include e-learning programs, trainings, hackathons, and workshops covering development using machine learning technologies and AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and big data. 

This novel cloud datacenter region joins the global footprint of Microsoft cloud regions, with the number of locations totaling up to 59 regions worldwide, with Microsoft Azure available in over 140 nations.


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