Sunday, November, 27, 2022 07:48:54

Moog & Escribano partner to offer defense products in APAC & Australia

Moog Australia Pty. Ltd, an Australian producer, and marketer of precision motion control products, has reportedly inked a strategic agreement with Escribano Mechanical and Engineering. The company aims to offer enhanced defense offerings across Asia-Pacific and Australia markets through this partnership. This strategic agreement aligns the company’s main competencies in the field of precision motion control for defense applications with Escribano’s combination capabilities in electro-optical tracking, remote weapon systems, and sighting systems. Escribano and Moog would together develop sovereign abilities in Australia for local applications as well as for exports in the Asia Pacific region. This aim meets the country’s desire to create sovereign solutions, expertise and aid long-term exports from Australia. Steve Darnell, Moog’s Business Director for Australia stated that the company plans to extend and enhance its defense offerings by integrating Moog’s agility and technical heritage with Escribano’s turreted weapon systems and structures. Darnell further added that it is a thrilling development since this is the first collaboration of the company on remote weapon systems. Through this partnership, the company focuses on naval applications in a series of calibers which includes 40, 30, 20, 12.7 mm weapon systems. The company presently supports several defense programs which include Land 400, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Future Frigate, Land 907, and Attack Class Submarine. Now, the company also plans to invest in upgrades to its present secure facility to support its current and future programs and also the Moog and Escribano partnership. The strategic collaboration was officially announced at the company’s 40th Anniversary activities that took place in November. Defense Sector Group Vice President for Moog Inc., Jim Riedel stated that the company has made a significant contribution to the Australian market as well as the Australian Defense Forces in the last 40 years, offering mission crucial sub-systems and components on different platforms. Ranging from the ASLAV, and F/A-18 Super Hornet and Hornet to Collins-class submarine and M113. Riedel further added that the 40th anniversary of the company marks the start of a new phase for Moog in Australia. This would be a thrilling development phase for sovereign defense abilities in Australia.   Source credit: