Friday, May, 27, 2022 11:23:47
Myant Inc., a Canada based leader in textile computing, and Osmotex AG, a renowned Switzerland based research and development firm, have reportedly signed a new agreement to establish a JV to commercialize the active membrane technology of Osmotex, HYDRO_BOT, across different textile-based applications. The merger of HYDRO_BOT with Myant’s current portfolio has opened new possibilities across a wide range of domains including thermal regulation and moisture/sweat management.

HYDRO_BOT technology can move up to 200 liters of fluid across a sq. m of textile every hour through an electroosmotic process, providing an endless ability to manage moisture in textile-based applications. Applied together with Myant’s current capabilities in passive moisture wicking and providing heat through textile, the combination of technologies dramatically improves the potential to regulate body temperature.

These integrated capabilities could be used in applications such as protective gear for workers in hot climates, personal protective equipment for workers in heavy industry, performance wear like skiing apparel or snow suits in cold climates, motorcycling apparel, footwear, and more.

A lot of market opportunities exist in the moisture management as applied to the healthcare and automotive industry.

Tony Chahine, CEO and founder, Myant, reportedly stated that the partnership reinforces the company’s commitment to develop textiles that work as bidirectional interfaces for the body, capable of optimizing performance and health across all aspects of life. Chahine added, that the team is thrilled to integrate HYDRO_BOT in textiles of the company and bringing a transformative technology to the market.

Joacim Holter, Chairman of the Board and Managing Director, Osmotex AG, reportedly stated that the ability of Myant to integrate the company’s technology and to manufacture at a commercial scale under a single roof makes it an ideal partner.

According to reports, financials terms of the new joint venture have not yet been unveiled by the two parties involved.

About Myant:

Myant is a consumer electronics firm that is on a mission to leverage its Textile Computing™ to empower humanity. The firm has created the world’s first platform that connects people to their bodies, to each other and to the world. It knits actuators and sensors to everyday textiles, providing the ability to sense and react to the human body.

This continuing bidirectional interface would empower humanity to enhance its performance and capabilities, helping people manage their health and deliver treatment, and allowing better connections with selves and people around.

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