Monday, March, 20, 2023 09:43:17
Leading omni-channel marketing platform, NinthDecimal, Inc. has reportedly announced a strategic collaboration with smart TV viewing data provider Inscape to enhance its portfolio of TV measurement and audience solutions. According to sources close to the move, joining Inscape’s 12 million+ smart TVs with consumer offline behavior of NinthDecimal, which is garnered from over 200 million devices, would allow marketers to effectively quantify the impact of their TV advertising campaigns. Ken Norcross, Inscape’s Director of Business Development, suggest that integrating smart TV viewing data is vital for true omni-channel and cross-device measurement. He claims that linking their firm’s data with NinthDecimal’s offline behavioral prospects would enable marketers to access real-time reporting that is connected to the largest set of smart TV data in the U.S. In addition to this move, NinthDecimal and Inscape are also working to meet challenges by helping marketers to optimize their TV marketing budgets in an effective way. Already, brands across QSR, retail, automotive as well as major TV networks are using NinthDecimal and Inscape’s range of solutions to measure TV marketing with real business outcomes such as store visits. Speaking on which, Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television, NinthDecimal, said that times are over when effectiveness of measuring TV ad was done by reach and frequency metrics like GRPs. With brands and agencies increasingly testing the effectiveness of TV viewing experiences, it is vital for such firms to measure their campaigns against real business outcomes like foot traffic, cites Kilmer. Moreover, their partnership with Inscape is supporting brands across various vertical to make impactful media planning and purchasing decisions in real-time to drive the most valuable results. Reliable reports claim that the advent and growth of new TV advertising platforms are generating robust market demand for the TV business of NinthDecimal, which apparently grew by 400% in 2018 and will grow more than twice this year. Moreover, NinthDecimal recently announced accelerated success in offering enterprise SaaS-based products which drove strong company performance in 2018, including expanded partnerships, customer growth and new product innovations in the market. Source Credit: