Wednesday, December, 08, 2021 10:39:22

Nokia Corporation has reportedly announced that it has achieved the milestone of 4,000 patent families declared essential to 5G standards. The achievement reflects the continued leadership of Nokia in the research and development as well as the standardization of cellular technology.

The Finland-based company has played a crucial role in defining many of the basic 5G-enabling technologies, collaborating with the 3GPP organization to set 5G standards and allowing the introduction of 5G networks.

As the installation of 5G expedites, the company’s 5G technology will allow a broad range of use cases including connected vehicles, cloud robotics, and immersive experiences.

Jenni Lukander, the President of Nokia Technologies stated that the company is proud to achieve the milestone of 4,000 top-quality patent families declared as 5G essential.

The industry-leading patent portfolio of Nokia is established on investments of over €130 billion in research and development since 2000 and over thirty years of navigating cellular standardization and comprises close to 20,000 patent families.

Multiple third-party studies have affirmed the leadership of Nokia in regular essential patents, including 5G and the company has become one of the first ones to attain the certification of ISO 9001 in 2021, for its top-quality management of the patent portfolio.

Nokia bestows its innovations to open standards in return for the right to license them on FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory) terms. Companies can patent and use these technologies without the necessity of making their own significant R&D investments.

For the record, Nokia Corp. a trusted partner for crucial networks, is dedicated to establishing leadership in technology and innovation across fixed, mobile and cloud networks. With the support of the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, the company aims at creating high value through long-term research and intellectual property.

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