Friday, July, 01, 2022 08:02:53

Government authorities across Canada have been putting the best foot forward to produce more PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits and medical devices in response to tackle COVID-19 pandemic. A similar incident occurred recently when the Ontario government has announced to invest USD 2.8 million in a local production of PPE kits. This funding will help regional manufacturers to ‘re-tool their practices’ and enhance their capacity to manufacture PPE.

Speaking on which, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that the government is proud to collaborate with businesses to explore the true power of the sector and the government’s effort to tackle this virus for good. The investment ensures that Ontario will not be dependent on any other country when it comes to PPE kits, states Mr. Ford.

The government authorities are distributing this funding to all Ontario-based companies. These companies are engaged in manufacturing different types of PPE.

According to sources, Barrie, Ontario-based Southmedic Inc. has received funding of USD 1.8 million to buy new molding equipment. This has enabled the company to quadruple its output of face and eye shields and double its output of oxygen masks. Moreover, Sterling Industries will receive USD 1,023,325 to enhance the output of face shields. This has enabled companies to improve output from 200,000 per week to over a million.

Besides, Pembroke-based producer SRB Technologies will receive USD 59,889 to renovate a part of its production from emergency lighting solutions to producing medical-grade face shields for long term facilities and hospitals.

The government previously launched a $50 million Ontario Together Fund in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, Mr. Ford said that the government has received around 25,000 submissions from businesses looking to renovate their operations to offer critical healthcare supplies. Around 15,000 out of 25,000 companies have already sold USD 200 million worth of medical supplies, including 121 million masks, 20.9 million gowns, and 100 million surgical gloves.

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