Thursday, July, 07, 2022 04:16:15

PDI has reportedly entered an agreement with a British retailer, EG Group, to expand its PDI Payments platform to over 1,700 sites in North America.

In 2020, the enterprise management software company added the payment capabilities to its Marketing Cloud Solutions offering, following its acquisition of a mobile payment technology provider, ZipLine. Its PDI Payments platform currently powers SmartPay Rewards of EG Group.

SmartPay Rewards has been originated with Cumberland Farms, which is one of the U.S.-based convenience store brands acquired by EG Group over the past years. This rewards program will be rolled out to the company’s remaining stores in North America. Customers can download the PDI Payments app for free and experience the contactless payment. Moreover, the software company will adopt this technology to support the enrollment of customers in SmartPay and offer customer services to the reward members. The rewards program will also enable the members to save 10 cents on each gallon of gas and earn other rewards.

According to EG Group’s Founder & co-CEO, Mohsin Issa, the company has been witnessing significant SmartPay adoption at various locations where the service was implemented. It has also shown excitement towards the extension of its partnership with PDI to rapidly offer valuable service to a large number of their loyal customers.

The recent agreement highlights the growing business relationship between PDI and EG Group. Other business collaborations formed by the two companies include the previous announcement of the convenience retailer’s plans to adopt PDI’s ERP, Fuel Pricing, & Logistics across multiple sites in Australia, North America, and Europe.

PDI’s CEO, Jimmy Frangis, has reportedly cited that the company is excited to be a trusted partner of EG Group in its journey to ensure growth and drive development strategy. It will continue to support global brands that offer differentiated experiences like EG Group and create a convenient, digital-first service for customers.

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