Wednesday, December, 08, 2021 10:42:28

Planet Labs Inc. has reportedly acquired VanderSat, a company that offers advanced earth analytics and data. Planet plans to use the products and technologies of VanderSat in bringing next-gen solutions to the market, leveraging the best of public and commercial satellite data to offer actionable and clear insights to help non-profits, governments, and industries around the world.

Earlier in 2021, Planet entered a definitive agreement with special purpose acquisition firm dMY Technology Group, Inc. IV to become Planet Labs PBC, a publicly traded company.

VanderSat has top-class expertise in drawing information from ESA, NASA, and JAXA satellites and providing it to customers. It has built a portfolio of advanced products that report crucial Earth surface conditions like land surface temperature, soil moisture, biomass, and vegetation optical depth.

Dr. Thijs van Leeuwen, the Chief Executive Officer of VanderSat has stated that the company is driven with the goal of serving a billion hectares of land by 2024. By collaborating with Planet, the mission will receive a drastic boost and the goal can now be achieved in 2022.

One of the goals of Planet Labs is to bridge the gap between complex remote-sensing science and real-world problems and VanderSat, with its advanced analytics, is another step towards that goal.

Will Marshall, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Planet has cited that the company is excited to welcome VanderSat’s team. He added that the industry expertise and analytics of VanderSat will help the company offer solutions to reduce the gap of complex science pertaining to remote-sensing and offer enhanced data to its customers.

Planet trusts its products will help to expedite and expand the company’s position in agriculture-one of its most crucial verticals-and help in maturing the company’s offerings for others like finance, insurance, and civil government.

The inclusion of all-weather and distinct data products of VanderSat to the high-resolution and high-cadence global monitoring of Planet will bring added value to users in civil government, agriculture, and insurance by offering them richer information and accurate measurements.

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