Monday, March, 20, 2023 10:01:11

Revature-AMS ink partnership for state-of-the-art skilling initiatives

  • This collaboration will address the deficit in technological skills and bolster workforce diversity

Revature, a leader in developing technology talent, and AMS, world-wide provider of advisory services and talent outsourcing, have reportedly entered a strategic partnership. This new collaboration will allow clients to expand the skills of existing and new talent that will address the shortages of technological skills. This will enable organizations to compete efficiently in future work.

The joint venture of Revature and AMS has equipped organizations to transform their workforce at a time when accelerated change has been normalized. Creating such a workforce requires excruciating focus on counting skills. Every business is driven by technical skills which is why they are an absolute necessity. But digital skills are rapidly changing, making it difficult for organizations to stay on track with existing employees or in picking new talent from the market.

This need is confirmed by the SIA Staffing Trends Report, 2021. It cites the scarcity of experienced employees in comparison to the demand as well as the growing societal pressure and scrutiny on organizations to consider long term employability of a worker as crucial factors. Organizations would now be unable to rely on hiring experienced tech employees which is why skilling alternatives should be comprehensively integrated in the technology hiring landscape.

CEO of AMS, David Leigh, apparently commented that there is a rapid shift of digital skills in today’s workplace and businesses are increasingly keeping up with the pace. He further added that the company has been known to be a leader in the talent acquisition sector and feels proud to partner with clients to empower their interpersonal strategies during this constant change.

He also added that the company recognizes that workforces in the future will continuously need to upskill and reskill their talent. The work with Revature will accelerate the company’s ability to offer a comprehensive approach whilst addressing the technological skill deficit. He mentioned that AMS is excited to collaborate with an organization that supports their goal and believes in helping clients achieve complete dexterity in their workforce.

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