Monday, July, 04, 2022 02:36:22

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has reportedly announced that it will perform 4G and 5G trials in collaboration with Virgin Media O2.

Through the duration of the trials, the two enterprises will substantiate the performance and capability of Samsung’s 5G and 4G network solutions in the commercial network of Virgin Media O2.

The trial will also evaluate the interworking between the latest solutions of Samsung as well as the 2G as well as 3G legacy networks of Virgin Media O2.

Samsung will offer its advanced solutions for the trial. This includes its 5G Massive MIMO radios, baseband unit along with 4G radios on both mid-band and low-band spectrums.

In addition, the solutions will be compliant with Open RAN with some configurational upgrades and additional support in the future.

The latest baseband unit provides enhanced performance with industry-leading throughput and capacity, whilst backing both 4G and 5G technologies in one unit.

Furthermore, the 5G Massive MIMO radios of Samsung have a lightweight and slim design, which ensures quick and easy installation for operators as well as enhanced data speeds and coverage for driving improved 5G experiences of end-users.

Woojune Kim, Samsung Electronics’ Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing, Networks Business stated that the company is thrilled to collaborate with Virgin Media O2 for this trial.

This will help demonstrate the preparedness of the 5G network solutions for it to be deployed in the United Kingdom and the abilities of the company in introducing reliable and immersive experiences of 4G and 5G to users.

Jeanie York, the CTO at Virgin Media O2 stated that vendor diversity is important for developing secure, safe, and efficient networks and the company seeks to undertake these trials with Samsung.

For the record, Virgin Media O2 was launched in June 2021 and is a joint venture between Telefónica and Liberty Global in the United Kingdom.

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