Sunday, May, 22, 2022 06:37:44

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has recently approved a proposal for an e-cycle sharing system project in a meeting at the Civic Center.

As per the statement made by Rajdutt Gehlot, Chairman of the SDMC Standing Committee, the civic body has given a nod on a policy for the installation and operation of the e-cycle or e-bike (non-motorized) transportation sharing system in the region. The new low-cost services will be offered as the environment-friendly mobility option to city residents, from which the users can gain access to such cycles and bikes at a station as well as return it to any other station.

Mr. Gehlot further added that the system will be integrated with the current public transport system. The approved system will then act as a key element in the strategy to drive the usage of sustainable transport modes in South Delhi. In addition, it is likely to boost public transport by offering a crucial 1st and last-mile connectivity to the system. The system will also feature an automated locking system, allowing users to easily check in or out of their e-cycle, e-bike, cycle share stations.

The system has been designed in such a way that the location from where the e-cycle or e-bike is picked up and returned can be traced by using a wireless tracking system.

Mr. Gehlot also has stated that the SDMC is planning to collaborate with an agency to deliver a doorstep service for the property taxpayers, for filing their online returns and its collection. Under the recent proposal, a unique token will be generated after a citizen’s call at the SDMC’s call center for future references, until the final payment is made by the citizens to the SDMC’s account. Mobile Sahayak will collect the nominal facilitation fee from taxpayers following the successful completion of this property tax transaction.

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