Wednesday, August, 10, 2022 04:28:17

Sinai Health Acquires Innovative Virtual-Reality Simulation Technology

Chicago-based Sinai Health System is the United States' one of the first level-1 trauma centers to deploy ImmersiveTouch® virtual-reality surgical simulation technology to enhance surgical procedures. The ImmersiveTouch software suite syndicates proprietary virtual-reality surgical simulation technology and medical imaging to provide surgeons with an instinctive way to strategize treatment for trauma cases with a detailed view of the complex condition if their patients.

The surgeon uses a collaborating 3D virtual reality model of the anatomy of the patient with ImmersiveTouch to develop a patient-specific surgical strategy. Following the procedure, the surgeon compares the preoperative strategy with a postoperative model by utilizing the intraoperative medical scans to validate a successful procedure., which can further lead to fewer readmissions.

Dr. Matthew Ranzer, MD stated that they are a Level 1 trauma center in the center of Chicago and they prefer ImmersiveTouch as it is not expensive and adds value to their system. He added that the capability to simulate surgery in VR makes their operations more effective and safer for patients which offers a good saving to their hospital and benefit to the community. 

With the growing number of hospitals currently, surgeons are utilizing ImmersiveTouch to practice their operations on a virtual 3D model of the anatomy of patients before the operations commence. The surgeons can now stimulate the procedure in virtual reality where they can refine and test surgical techniques, learn the distinctions of the patient's exclusive anatomy, and anticipate problems that might arise during the operation. With VR, the patient and surgeon can go into surgery feeling confident and prepared.

The CEO of ImmersiveTouch, Pat Banerjee stated that the ImmersiveView VR platform focuses on saving surgeons time during serious trauma procedures while decreasing readmissions. He felt honored to be a trusted partner of the Sinai Health System and witness this innovative technology offered to surgeons in their quest to enhance patient care.