Sunday, November, 27, 2022 08:27:47
The company plans to conduct a stratospheric test flight after performing the test flights in NASA’s AFRC. HAPSMobile Inc., a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp., has reportedly managed to secure a limited flight release from NASA operated AFRC (Armstrong Flight Research Center), Airworthiness & Flight Safety Review Board (AFSRB) to carry out a test flight for the HAWK30 airplane in restricted airspace. According to reports, AFRC will be liable to ensure the range and ground safety for the HAWK30 airplane while the flight test series is conducted. Additionally, with this approval, the company plans to perform its first test flight of the HAWK30, an unmanned solar-powered aircraft to offers a stratospheric telecommunications platform system. Reportedly, in June, the company had commenced the ground tests of its unmanned solar-powered aircraft at AFRC, in California. Sources cite that, after concluding all the operational activities and test flights at AFRC, the company plans to focus its resources on advancing the preparations to conduct stratospheric test flights at Lanai, an island in Hawaii in 2019. Speaking on the move, Junichi Miyakawa, CEO & President, HAPSMobile, said that the company is delighted to receive NASA’s approval for an official test flight, which will allow it to achieve a key milestone by commercially using the stratosphere. In addition, the company will quickly perform a test flight at AFRC, in order to gear up for the stratospheric test flights in Lanai. The firm will maintain its commitment towards its goal of transforming mobile networks by leveraging HAPS and connecting the world’s digital divide, added Miyakawa. For the uninitiated, HAPSMobile operates and plans High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) business with a major focus on connecting the world’s digital divide. The company is primarily involved in development for the HAPS business and network equipment research, new business planning, activities for spectrum usage and construction of core networks. Source Credit: