Thursday, July, 07, 2022 02:48:48

Sony Corporation, a multinational conglomerate, has reportedly announced that the global shortage of semiconductors will impact its PlayStation 5 supplies throughout 2021. However, the company’s gaming chief has stipulated on the production of a decent number of its new console during the 2nd half of 2021.

Sony PlayStation 5 is among the most sought-after tech products, recording massive shipments when the product was first introduced in November 2020. However, it began facing a shortage of supply soon after its launch, due to the chip shortage across the globe.

Sources familiar with the matter have reported that the electronics company has been encountering high challenges in meeting the robust demand for its PS5 consoles. This short supply is mainly due to the manufacturing constraints amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Ryan, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO & President, however, claimed that the supply of this console is expected to significantly pick up in the 2nd half of 2021. He revealed that the product demand was higher than its estimates, while the complexities in the supply chain during the pandemic have resulted in its low supply. However, he expressed his belief that the gradual improvements of the supply chain performances over the past months will present favorable business environments throughout the year, probably during the 2nd half.

For the uninitiated, the electronics company has been witnessing major issues while keeping up with the robust demand for its latest generation of the gaming console. In addition to Sony, the technology company Microsoft has been facing high pressures from the growing demand for its own consoles. Citing on this insufficient product supply, Phil Spencer, Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft, revealed that the company requested AMD to supply more semiconductors to help meet the accelerating product usage. It has been estimated that the supply chain constraints are likely to last till April 2021.

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