Sunday, November, 27, 2022 07:48:05
TeleSign Corp, a renowned California based customer identity and engagement solutions provider, has reportedly announced a new strategic partnership deal with Bouygues Telecom, a full-service electronic communications operator, in France. The new partnership enables Bouygues Telecom to protect its customers from online frauds such as ATO (Account Takeover) through Synthetic Identity fraud and Sim Swap. The digital market in Europe has been witnessing disruptive innovation over the past few years as more digital organizations have began rolling out new B2C services in lifestyle, travel, fintech, gaming, social media and ecommerce. The disruption has also challenged the insurance companies, legacy banks and similar enterprises to change their UX models and to provide better services through web and mobile experiences. This phenomenon has created an increasing demand for these companies to authenticate and protect a user’s identity online. Due to progressive increase in digital space, mobile identity will now see noteworthy development in these business sectors. Ravish Patel, Director of Mobile Identity, TeleSign, reportedly stated that the field of Mobile Identity presents an immense opportunity to mobile operators to play a crucial role in today’s digital disturbance. TeleSign has been guiding mobile operators on key aspects such as opportunity, privacy principles and use cases. Among the top 25 web properties in the world, 21 consider TeleSign as a trusted partner. The company enables the web properties to effectively and securely communicate with several billion end-user accounts. The company offers the mobile operators the means to boost the security for their client base and subscribers. Alexandre Gavina, B2B Marketing Manager at Bouygues Telecom, stated that for mobile operators, ensuring top-level data privacy and security for their end users has been priority and Mobile Identity is an ideal opportunity to build upon those foundations. Gavina added that the collaboration with TeleSign gives them access to comprehensive solutions as well as provides them security. This tie-up with a partner that is able to anticipate and alleviate new threat points is crucial to protect its users, thereby providing them with high quality service. According to reports, further details related to the partnership deal were not announced by the parties involved. Source credit: