Monday, May, 16, 2022 05:20:47

TELUS Health has reportedly unveiled its digital Virtual Pharmacy service to enhance medication in Canada. The service will provide Canadians the opportunity to establish auto-refill reminders for prescription medications that are directly shipped to their doorstep.

Additionally, the service enables users to have unlimited one-on-one phone and video consultations with pharmacists from their homes while also offering them tools to track family medications through the online dashboard of the service.

According to Sonya Lockyer, the Vice President, Pharmacy at TELUS Health, it is crucial to offer convenient and simple solutions that enable people to effectively manage their health and the health of their families in today’s busy lifestyle.

Lockyer has noted that the new virtual pharmacy service is developed to ease medical compliance particularly for those with acute or chronic conditions who need to manage several medications.

Credible research showcases that patients who do not adhere to their directed medications are a surging problem in Canada. Nearly one-third of Canadians did not pick their prescription medications on time over the past year with the majority of respondents citing their family, work commitments, and an overall busy lifestyle as the reason.

The Virtual Pharmacy of TELUS Health enables users to easily book appointments for pharmacy services including phone or video consultations with a licensed pharmacist. The service fosters users to effectively manage a crucial aspect of their health through proven technology and personal service from knowledgeable and caring pharmacists.

Canadians will save time with this Virtual Pharmacy service thereby reducing the stress that may occur with visiting a pharmacy on time to pick up general medication and seek pharmacy counsel in a crowded store, specifically as many continue to drive COVID-19 requirements. It is also a perfect tool for caregivers managing medication for others.

The Virtual Pharmacy service is available in English across all provinces except Quebec through a free mobile application for both Android and iOS devices.

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