Thursday, July, 07, 2022 03:50:12
TeraRecon has announced that it has launched AI Sync™ results interchange technology, which will enable constant delivery of interactive artificial intelligence outcomes into the report and downstream systems. The technology will also connect numerous algorithms for complex AI workflows. AI Sync has been included as a part of full range of TeraRecon products. These products will be displayed at the Radiological Society of North America's 105th Annual Scientific Assembly in Chicago, Illinois at TeraRecon Booth.

AI Sync technology is a software upgrade for EnvoyAI™ platform, which is recognized for its incorporated AI workflow designed undertaking the clinical feedback from every physician. AI Sync leverages the workflow preferences curated by their actual use in tandem with preparing AI outcomes by its strong interoperability features. It shows the results for authentication before, during, or after the completion of radiologists’ analyses. The whole process is performed under complete control of radiologists.

Radiologists can leverage EnvoyAI as the enterprise-wide AI solution to control all that is being . The AI-generated medical images, related to the AI findings, can be aligned with the PACS using AI Sync technology. It also helps to store metadata in a structured database for use in future.

Jeff Sorenson, CEO and President, TeraRecon, reportedly stated that Physicians do not want constrained AI results in medical or diagnostic reports since AI is still not developed enough to operate on itself. The resolution for efficient AI workflow includes open access to the outcomes from AI algorithms to allow physicians work iteratively, he further added.

For the record, TeraRecon is a private vendor neutral medical image screening solution provider which works on complex image processing innovation. The company offers superior visualization 3-D post-processing tools, diagnostic interpretation, interoperability, image sharing, and collaboration solutions. Its EnvoyAI was awarded as the Best New Radiology Vendor at prestigious Aunt Minnie 2018.

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