Sunday, November, 27, 2022 08:52:43
TowerJazz and Aledia have announced the inking of process development partnership agreement which will potentially bring Aledia’s novel nanowire-LED technology into ‘commercialized volume production space.’ The partnership agreement surfaced in the wake of TowerJazz’s highly competent and unique Transfer Optimization and Development Process Services (TOPS) which will be utilized by Aledia’s IP. For the record, Aledia’s nanowire-LED display technology, funded by Intel Capital among others, apparently provides state-of-the-art solutions to meet the soaring demand for displays. Aledia’s 3D LED novel technology boosts high brightness—apparently 1000 times of current average screen—low power, high resolution, and cost effective displays which have become indispensable for next-gen mobile display applications, such as AR/VR, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, and smart watches. People aware of the situation firmly believe that unprecedented rise in consumers’ usage of mobile screens augurs well for display market. Aledia’s CEO Giorgio Anania was ecstatic to go a step further and augment the technology to the industrialization phase. TowerJazz was favored as it has already made the mark in process development ecosystem with top notch production capabilities and will be in line with the future production roadmap, the CEO was quoted delineating the reason for the collaboration. Dani Ashkenazi, Vice President and GM of TOPS apparently expressed his elation in partnering with a team of experts at Aledia to bring forth the innovative technology into production phase. The General Manager stated that the technology acknowledges the need for all essential feature requirements in uLED displays market and has immense growth opportunities for both the companies. Ashkenazi went on to elucidate the relevance of penetration of Aledia’s solution in volume production and emphasized it would help Aledia prove its mettle as a leading provider of next-gen display panel technology. State-of-the-art TOPS services of TowerJazz propels manufacturability and quick transfer of Aledia’s technology. Source credit: