Friday, July, 01, 2022 06:19:26

Cubic Corporation, a provider of integrated transportation solutions, has recently announced that Trafficware and SWIM.AI have significantly expanded their joint-service, TidalWave. Trafficware operates within CTS (Cubic Transportation Systems) while SWIM.AI is a supplier of enterprise business solutions based in the Silicon Valley.

The TidalWave service was designed through the combination of traffic management technology, instant local analytics, and edge computing. It delivers predictive machine learning and real-time data to smart cities, connected vehicles, and IoT markets.

TidalWave, a live traffic management information service, employs machine learning and edge computing to achieve massive infrastructure cost savings. It provides superior service and unprecedented performance in delivering high resolution data for changing traffic locations and city intersections with great accuracy. By analyzing these actual intersection behaviors or traffic locations in real time, optimal vehicle routing can be implemented, further helping to predict future traffic behavior. Local data analysis, live digital twin generation for every junction and raw data volume reduction by a factor of over 1,000 helps the system achieve low latency and high performance.

The service enhances commercial availability of data and insights in real-time to navigation applications, logistics businesses, and vehicle owners, among other third parties.

According to Trafficware’s general manager and VP, Joe Custer, TidalWave addresses various real-time traffic applications, including smart cities, connected vehicles, and IoT (Internet of Things) markets. He also stated that the service’s prominence is expanding significantly due to the value of faster transmission rates and low latency to counties & cities.

TidalWave has already been adopted by several cities and counties, which include Palo Alto in California, Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, Las Vegas in Nevada, Greensboro in North Carolina, Jacksonville and Gainesville in Florida, Prince Georges County in Maryland, Clark County in Washington, and Norwalk in Connecticut. Apart from these, many other cities have shown interest in TidalWave and are currently in the deployment process.

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