Monday, December, 05, 2022 12:35:45

Twitter, an American microblogging and social connecting service, has recently announced its latest ‘Continue Thread’ feature that allows Twitter users to thread multiple tweets. The new feature, which has been slowly rolling out on the iOS platform, was invented as a way for users to connect their latest and already existing tweets. It particularly caters to users who wish to post something with reference to their earlier tweets.

Before this new feature was launched, the microblogging platform had previously launched a feature for users to connect multiple tweets while composing. However, the new feature enables faster connection of new tweets to an old post to continue a Twitter thread. This introduces a more straightforward linkage of different tweets together.

The new feature can be utilized in a way that, when the user is composing a new tweet in the mobile window, he/she can slide up to view previous tweets, following which the Continued Thread button will be shown upon choosing an older tweet. The users can link all the tweets that have been posted till date. By tapping on the new feature, the user will be able to find an older tweet to link to, including the most recent tweets.

The simple steps for continuing a tweet using the new feature are:

  • Access the ‘Compose’ icon.
  • Add a new tweet and slide up the window to tap on the ‘Continue Thread’ button.
  • Select the drafted tweet to link to the new thread.
  • Click the three dots to select another tweet to add an earlier tweet to the recent thread.

The Continue Thread feature makes it easier for Twitter users to create tweetstorms and topic threads. The new feature is also likely to be a solution for the common ‘broken thread phenomenon’ on Twitter, particularly on threads discussing nuanced or complex topics. The Continue Thread shortcut will allow Twitter users to create a more organized series of thoughts when posting on the social networking service.

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