Monday, March, 20, 2023 10:09:24

Microblogging and social networking frontrunner, Twitter has reportedly made headlines as its much-talked-about subscription service would now include another long-awaited feature, Undo Tweet

As per a recent tweet by app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter would be working on app subscriptions for its paid features including the Undo Tweet. Her posted image also revealed that the microblogging site’s anticipated Undo feature would be a part of the online platform’s paid services.

Furthermore, Wong was also among the earliest to disclose the testing of the undo feature by the social networking company. Apparently, this comes along the heels of long-drawn calls for the site to offer an edit function for tweets.

Also, the move is geared towards expanding the revenue streams for Twitter beyond advertising. On account of this, the company had mentioned to investors that it anticipates hosting around 315 million monetizable users by 2023, in comparison to the 192 million users in 2020.

If reports are to be believed, the undo feature would emerge as the next best thing, as the edit option functionality has been repeatedly denied by Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter.

Sources also cite that Twitter had previously confirmed that it was working on a button that would offer people a choice to take back their freshly fired-off tweets prior to their posting.

For the record, the new feature would act as an addition to the delete function, however, it would prevent the tweet from appearing on a user's timeline.

Apparently, the teasing of the Twitter subscription model in early March gave rise to reports that mentioned that creators and publishers would be permitted to charge their followers with a monthly subscription fee for some exclusive content or newsletters based on the Super Follows service.

In addition, the microblogging firm also plans to double up its development velocity to accelerate the number of its new features released for each employee in order to increase people's engagement with the service.

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