Thursday, July, 07, 2022 03:34:23

Over 24 environmental groups and companies, which also includes Google, has reportedly requested the President of the United States Joe Biden to create a mandate for federal facilities to be provided with locally generated, round-the-clock clean energy.

Beyond the commitments of 100% clean energy, using carbon-free electricity 24/7 would be the primary goal. This has now become popular amongst governments and corporations. Although it still involves some dependency on power generated from fossil fuels in balance with cleaner sources.

Last year, Google pledged to implement 24/7 clean energy by 2030. This means that the company must figure out a way to power their data centers when there is no sunlight or wind.

At present, Google and numerous other companies are dependent on gas-fired or coal power plants during those hours and these purchases are compensated with the procurement of renewables source like solar or wind farms which are usually far from their working locations. Companies do this as an attempt to stay compliant to the 100% clean energy standards.

These companies have written a letter to the federal government encouraging it to use their heavy investments to offer carbon-free clean energy to all their facilities for all the hours of the day.

The companies apparently stated in the letter that this method will provide impetus to investments, thus creating job opportunities for thousands of Americans in the clean energy sector as well as associated supply chains in the United States.

This mandate will create an industry of developing technologies that are required to satisfy these goals and get carbon-free energy to regions which have so far not benefitted from the proliferation of the sector.

Apart from Google, the letter was signed by tech giants like Hewlett Packard, power company AES Corp. and Adobe Inc.

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