Thursday, July, 07, 2022 02:44:21

Climate change is undoubtedly a major global concern that could threaten communities and civilizations at large. Alarming concerns by researchers on rising emission and temperature levels have drawn the attention of world leaders, urging them to initiate proactive measures to tackle the potential impacts of this catastrophe.

One such instance occurred recently when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced teaming up with countries like Egypt, Malawi, Bangladesh, Saint Lucia and the Netherlands to aid large scale population that is threatened by the impacts of climate change and help them adapt and build resilience.

As per a statement by Johnson’s Downing Street office, use of early warning systems for potential storms and pumping funds in flood drainage and in drought-resistant crops are some of the key measures covered in the new Adaptation Action Coalition.

The office also said that the new coalition would tap scientists, civil society groups and businesses to share knowledge and efficient practices on dealing with climate change at a local, regional and global scale.

Sharing his views on this matter, PM Boris Johnson at a Climate Adaptation Summit in Netherlands said that climate change is undeniable upon us and is already devastating economies and lives. He said that countries should adapt to the changing climate, and it must be done now.

For the record, Britain has a rotating presidency of the G7 group of industrialized countries in 2021. Within this framework, Johnson hinted that he would make the requirement for a resilient economy a priority. In addition to this, Britain will host COP26, a global UN Summit on climate change scheduled in Glasgow in November 2021.

Reportedly, Johnson praised U.S. President Joe Biden for his decision to return to the Paris climate agreement, the World Health Organization and the COVAX program on expanding vaccine access. According to a report, President Biden recently had a word with PM Boris Johnson on issues like trade, climate, NATO, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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