Wednesday, August, 10, 2022 03:22:19

Unleashed Brands, a kid-centric franchise brands parent company, has reportedly acquired Premier Martial Arts, a franchise firm that specializes in teaching martial arts for adults and children.

Unleashed Brands will operate as the parent firm of Premier Martial Arts, as it does for The Little Gym and Snapology.

Commenting on the acquisition, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleashed Brands, Michael Browning, cited that the inclusion of the martial arts company perfectly aligns with the firm’s goal to create a growth-focused platform that expands the portfolio of brands providing an enhanced environment for kids.

Premier Martial Arts aims at offering the skills like focus, physical wellbeing, self-esteem that are required to help its students succeed in life. The company’s studios have professional, certified instructors that are trained in modern martial art skills and teaching techniques.

Barry Van Over, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Premier Martial Arts also commented on Unleashed Brands’ impressive track record with other portfolio brands that perfectly aligns with the company’s growth goals and brand mission to assist students in building skills necessary to succeed in life.

Van Over added that the company looks forward to benefiting from the expedited growth afforded by Unleashed Brands along with the inclusion of additional resources and tools. He also said that the company remains focused on its unmatched customer experience and franchisee support expected by the students.

Unleashed Brands, supported by a management team with a combined consumer industry experience of over 50 years, is based on the existing infrastructure and proven expertise of Urban Air, a leader in the family entertainment industry.

It is worth noting that Urban Air has implemented a proven business model emphasizing family service over the past decade. The company was ranked number one by Entrepreneur in the Entertainment Category for two years in a row.

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