Saturday, March, 25, 2023 12:40:43

Vistara, IndiGo contenders for Jet Airway’s flying rights to London

  • Vistara and IndiGo have been planning to launch flights to London by next year
  • The aviation ministry has begun the process of distributing the rights between Indigo and Vistara
IndiGo and Vistara, that have informed the Aviation ministry that they plans to launch flights to London next year, have been vying for the flying rights of Jet Airways for the lucrative route to London. 14 of the 28 Jet services have been allotted from India to London via Air India and the ministry has also begun the process of distributing the other rights between IndiGo and Vistara, sources informed. According to the Indian government’s official report, Vistara has informed the government that it will be starting flights to London by next year. IndiGo on the other hand said that it will launch flights to London by mid-2020. It is expected that the government might grant the two airlines with the international rights of Jet Airways, the most sought after routes, with a condition that the rights may be withdrawn once jet Airways resumes its operations. Apparently, Jet Airways had been grounded in April temporarily and had been running a fleet of over 120 planes that flew to a number of domestic destinations as well as international hubs like London, Dubai, Singapore. The route to London is highly sought after and carriers aiming to establish themselves as serious long-haul airlines want that route to secure their credentials. Jet Airways and Air India had permission to run 28 flights every week. The latter has been granted half of Jet Airway’s rights but has not added a new flight to its fleet. According to reliable sources, Indigo owns the largest number of rights from Jet’s international flying rights, which comes at 84 flights once a week, SpiceJet following behind with 77 flights every week. GoAir owns a right for 35 flights every week while Vistara has been given the right to fly 28 flights per week. Source Credit-