Friday, May, 27, 2022 12:22:56

WhatsApp launches ‘Carts’ feature to enable users to place orders

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging and Voice over IP service, has reportedly unveiled a new feature, Carts, in its Business app. The feature will enable users to add several products and place an order.

The mobile application service provider has reportedly stated that users can browse a catalog, choose multiple products, as well as send the order or message to the business. It has been reported that the new feature will simplify the process of tracking order enquiries, management of requests from customers, as well as closure of sales.

In order to access the catalog, users must click on the ‘shopping’ button that is listed next to the business’s name. They can also make a product list to purchase by tapping & adding them to the cart. The messaging app further stated that the new feature will allow users to edit the quantity for every product in the order as well as view the cart to remove or add more items. Moreover, buyers can also communicate or start a conversation with the seller by tapping on the ‘Message Business’ option.

Upon the completion of product selection, the cart will be sent to the seller in the form of a single message. WhatsApp further noted that the order will not be finalized until the seller confirms it.

Prior to Carts, the messaging app also launched the ‘Catalogs’ feature in November 2019, enabling the sellers to showcase their products on the app. The catalog will include information related to description, price, and product code. It has been rolled out in various countries like Indonesia, the U.S., and India to simplify the process of learning about the products & services businesses offer.

Furthermore, in October 2020, WhatsApp rolled out several updates to the business app, which include a separate hosting service and shopping features.

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