Thursday, July, 07, 2022 03:42:18

WhatsApp, a messaging and voice-over IP service, has recently announced a new privacy update. As per the new changes, the mobile application will require its users to sign the new policy without causing any privacy scare, with an aim to win back users from rival apps such as Telegram and Signal. It has set 15th May as the deadline for users to sign off on this new policy, without which, they would not gain the full functionality of the app.

The mobile application has reportedly cited that, if the users fail to agree to the new terms & conditions by 15th May, they will receive calls and notifications but would not be able to send or read messages on the app. It recently has confirmed the new updates, with an FAQ page to give detailed information on the new process.

As per reliable reports, the users are not entirely clear about the consequences after the deadline. However, according to the FAQ page, its policy to inactive users will be applied. This policy implies that the inactive accounts are generally deleted following 120 days of inactivity.

WhatsApp is anticipated to inform users about the new update through an in-app banner. This new policy is opposed to the pop-up notification announced previously in January, which provided users with an ultimatum of either complying with the new privacy policy or losing their access to the app. Its original deadline was 8th February, which later got extended to 15th May, following backlash from its users.

WhatsApp is planning to permanently delete the account for users who do not accept the new policy. They will also be automatically removed from all their WhatsApp group chats. Moreover, they are provided with an option to export all the chat history on iPhone or Android devices and download a report of their accounts, prior to 15th May.

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