Sunday, November, 27, 2022 09:24:04

Lightspeed-backed WorkOS has reportedly launched a toolkit to help startups in getting ready for business growth. Given the popularity of new Business2Business (B2B) service companies, it was natural for a new firm to give services that helps start-ups become business services.

WorkOS is beginning furtively with seed funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and creating a toolkit in order to help startups in meeting the requirements to bring in business customers. The firm also aims in setting up startups with an API for directory synchronization, role-based access controls, audit trails, single sign-on, as well as other important services.

With more startups looking to move toward the business from a bottom-up capacity and aiming at making individual use cases, rapidly meeting the IT managers’ expectations can further turn out to be a shortcut for customers with higher margins. The inspiration for WorkOS came from an earlier email startup of the company’s founder, which failed at crossing the business chasm.

Michael Grinich, CEO, WorkOS, stated that even if one would focus on extensively on end user experience, a different buyer exists at the end of that tunnel each time, who has a different set of requirements than the previous one. Being ready for business means that meeting the same compliance needs which the IT managers should meet, which might turn out to be an issue for small startup with limited resources.

Grinich further stated that considering of the security side WorkOS is presently in its observation period of SOC-2 Type 2 and might receive certification by the Q2 of this year.

Currently, WorkOS functions on some pricing structures with a free tier providing users with single sign-on support and a developer tier of worth $99 per month, and also a corporate tier option worth $499 per month that significantly enhances the functionality provided by WorkOS.

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