Monday, August, 08, 2022 08:35:15

Cosmetic packaging company WWP Beauty has reportedly collaborated with Eastman to provide new packaging collections featuring Eastman’s Cristal™ Renew and Cristal™ One Renew copolyester.

Both parties have been collaborating since last year when WWP received its ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification). This certification authenticates the possibility of tracing products with molecular recycled content from creation to manufacturing.

WWP Beauty CEO Jennifer Adams has expressed that having eco-conscious collaborators like Eastman is part of the WWP culture of providing customers access to the latest sustainability technology.

The Eastman CristalOne Renew collection comprises lip-gloss, a heavy wall jar, and a compact with a rich look and a luxurious bluish tint. This collection is developed using recyclable RIC 1 resin comprising 50% molecular recycled content, thereby creating a circular economy.

Cristal One Renew has passed APR and EPBP testing in the U.S. and Europe respectively which indicates PET recyclability.

The collection is made using the molecular recycling technologies of Eastman which replaces fossil resources with waste plastic feedstock. Thus, Cristal One Renew records 20% to 30% reduced GHG emissions compared to conventional resin production and enables the diversion of landfills.

Furthermore, the Eastman Cristal Renew collection consists of lip-gloss, a jar, and a compact comprising crystal-clear resin with a glassy feel and look designed with 50% molecular recycled content.

CristalRenew is very similar to virgin resin, with no aesthetic or performance drop-off due to the process of advanced molecular recycling.

Both collections will encourage recycling behavior, upgrade material recycling, and avoid the wastage of plastic.

For the record, WWP Beauty develops sustainable, future-focused solutions for the global beauty industry through exceptional agility, close collaboration, and unmatched scale.

The company offers packaging, accessories, and formula in addition to its in-house manufacturing services. WWP offers global support to customers through an international team of beauty experts spanning EMEA, North America, and APAC.

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