Friday, May, 27, 2022 05:05:28

Zurich North America, an insurance service and solution provider, has reportedly introduced a new construction app via Zurich Services Corporation. The app has been designed to aid construction customers in managing risks and increasing safety, insights, and quality at job sites. The company has currently enabled users across the industry to subscribe to the new app.

As per the statement made by Jon Tate, Zurich Services Corporation’s VP of Construction, there have been rising challenges in terms of safety and quality among the construction customers at the job sites. Customers are seeking real-time collection and trending of data to meet these rising concerns and are excited about the new digitally-driven solution or app.

Through the adoption of the new app, construction workers will be able to assign observations and complete reports at the job sites in a digital manner. This information will be available to supervisors and risk managers in real-time, which will enable them to rapidly respond to issues and see various trends across a larger data set. Users can also track and confirm whether the program, safety, and quality controls are being addressed by the supervisors and managers.

Moreover, Zurich provides employees with an ability to link a specific form and QR code to help complete a required form, even without downloading the app. Additionally, the new app can send digital ‘push messages’ to users, including risk alert notices, product recall alerts, and information about emergency preparedness, among others.

The new construction app was developed in partnership with Real Time Risk Solution, owing to the technology provider’s ability to offer flexibility to rapidly adapt to the changing demand from Zurich’s customers. In February, Zurich launched a pilot to test the new app with several construction customers. Following its success, the app is currently made available industry wide.

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